Consumer Advocacy

MarbaSec is a consumer advocacy group in information security for small businesses and nonprofit organizations. We assess the products these organizations use to understand security risk, and tirelessly work with vendors to hold them accountable, so their products are safer. Our mission is to make the world a safer place for small businesses and nonprofits by providing unbiased information and advocating for better product safety.

MarbaSec is a security firm that specializes in working with small businesses and nonprofit organizations. We understand that these organizations often consume software which has been produced by vendors who don't have a specialty in security. Our mission is to help these businesses understand the security of consumer services, and to work with vendors until they fix their problems. We believe that making the world more secure requires both vigilance on the part of consumers and specialization on the part of those who produce software. With MarbaSec's help, small businesses can focus on what they're good at - running their business - while we take care of making sure their data is safe.